The secret behind quality ham

21% protein ham

Chef Georges ham contains 21% meat protein

A high protein content means the ham contains less brine, so it has a deeper meat flavour and juicy texture.

Ham cooked vegetable stock

It’s cooked in fresh vegetable stock

Using vegetable stock instead of a brine made with water, salt and sugar is the mark of a high quality preparation.

Hams on plate
Hand-moulded ham

It is hand-moulded using only cuts of whole muscle

Instead of being chopped and pressed into a tube, the trimmed and deboned pieces are placed whole into moulds.

Master butcher

Making it this way takes a chef who’s both knowledgeable and passionate

These recipes were painstakingly developed using select ingredients and processes rooted in traditional ham-making methods.

How to choose a superior-quality ham

Not all hams are created equal. On one hand, there are hams made with chopped meats, swollen with brine and compressed to form a loaf of meat with a low protein content. On the other, the very best hams are hand-moulded from pieces of whole meat and carefully cooked, so their protein content rivals that of natural meat. To make the very best choice, look for a ham whose texture is not too even – you should be able to see the lines separating the pieces of muscle – with no excess water inside the packaging.

The secret behind quality ham